Add On Services

Nails Art / Nail Repair $5 + / $5+
Nails Cut Down + Shape $10 +
Regular Polish On Hands / Toes $15 / $20
Gel Polish On Hands / Toes $35 / $35
Hot Paraffin $12
Gel Colour Remove $10
Nails Remove $15 +
French Tip $10 +

Natural Manicure

(30m - 60m)
Classic Mani $39

Enjoy soaking your hand into our warm fresh lemon water. Includes cuticle treatment, nail trimming, shaping, buffing plus a soothing hand massage followed with hot towels. Add nail polish includes gel polish

Includes gel polish: $49

Deluxe Mani $49

(Depp care hand treatment)

Includes the Classic manicure plus enjoy a luxurious paraffin wax treatment to deeply moisturize your hands revealing new and soft skin. Add nail polish

Includes gel polish: $59

Natural Pedicure

(30m - 60m)
Smoothing Pedicure (I'm in a rush") $49

Relax on one of our comfy pedicure massage chairs starting with a Mineral Herbal Bath soak then followed by a gene massage and exfoliation with natural

Body Liquid Lufra and two slices of fresh orange. After nails and cuticles are carefully trim and shape, took off dry skin on heels and treated with allspice Berry Sale Solution Finish with a traditional lower leg lotion apply 

Includes gel polish: $59

Ice Dancer Spa Pedicure (feel good) $59

Includes the soothing pedicure plus a calf massage with the Invigorating Ice dance and steamy towels wrap are add fort restoring vitality and energizing the legs. Don't forget about hot stone massage. Enjoy!

Includes gel polish: $69

Firewalker Deluxe Pedicure (5 star) $69

The firewalker pedicure will leave your feet and legs feeling amazing. Includes the ice dancer pedicure experience will bring you to a whole new level. Along with our most famous sole solution heel treatment, finger pressure massage techniques using

Firewalker Cream will take all the tiredness away. Enjoy hot stone, hot towel and a luxurious paraffin wax treatment to deeply moisturize your feet, revealing new and soft skin

Includes gel polish: $79

Organic Signiture Pedicure $109

(1h )


- Free gel color

- Free hot paraffin

- Free simple design

- Extra massage


Mani - Pedi Combo

(1h - 1h15m)
Classic Pedi / Mani $79
Classic Pedi / Mani (Add Gel Colour) $99
Deluxe Pedi / Mani $109
Deluxe Pedi / Mani (Add Gel Colour) $129


Eyebrows $15
Upper Lip $12
Chin $12
Sideburns $12
Full Face $38
Under Arms $20
Half Arms $30
Full Arms $45
Half Legs $35
Full Legs $60 +
Back / Chest $50
Eyebrows Tint $20
Bikini / Brazilian $25 / $55+

Waxing Combo

Eyebrows + Lip $20
Half Leg + Bikini $50
Eyebrows Wax + Tint $30


Facial - Shampoo

(30m - 60m)
Relaxing Facial $59

• Relaxing yourself, maintain and improve your facial skin with deep cleaning

• Exfoliation, extraction, massage

• Refreshing mask

• Eye and lip wrinkle line recovery

• Moisturizer, leaves the skin smooth and feeling refreshed

Shampoo + Scalp Massage

Shampoo + Scalp Massage $59

Enjoy your hair wash with organic shampoo and conditioner. Scalp massages are a great way to relieve tension in the area, reduce stress and even improve hair

Artificial Nails

Includes cuticle treatment, wrap hands in a warm towel and enjoy a hands massage with a natural lotion

* Liquid UV Gel / Hyrbrid Gel

Full Set Overlay (No Tip) $60 +
Full Set $70 +
Fill $55 +

*Solar Powder / Acrylic

Full Set Overlay (No Tip) $60 +
Full Set $70 +
Fill $55 +

Add On

French Tip $10 +
Ombre $10 +
Take Off $15 +
Paraffin Wax Only $10

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Full Set / Fill $120 / $55+
Volume Full Set / Fill $160 / $75+